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Cargo Oil AB is a Swedish privately owned company that manufactures and supplies a complete range of lubricants for several industries including automotive, construction, marine, printing, elevator and crane, etc.


We also offer a wide range of detergents, hand soaps, anti-rust, tiles, metal working fluids, accessories, etc.


Our sales are all over the world and we provide the best possible service and support. Contact us to learn more.

Around the globe

A certified company

With the HQ in Partille we primarily supply Sweden and the Nordic countries with great lubricants. But the business also stretches across Europe and the world with manufacturing, retailers and direct exports.


We are also the market leader in Scandinavia in Food Grade Lubricants with a product range that covers all types of applications such as food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.


The successful Cargo Food Grade Lubricants Program are exported to several countries, including  Norway, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand.



Listen, learn & deliver!

Ever since 1982 when Hans Jönsson started his first production, over a gas stove in his office in Partille, has been the driving force to listen to the customer. Learning to customer needs, and finally deliver a solution.

In more than 45 years we have developed 220 different lubricants for thousands of different applications. Our efforts to place the customer first has placed us where we are today. In the leading position.


When other companies in the industry are becoming longer between production and customer we choose instead to expand our production locally. A new production plant with increased resources for the production and filling was completed in 2015 and we continue to invest in the future!


We are certified under ISO 14001 and  ISO 9001 and our entire staff is involved in quality work. This ensures a constant improvement of our company, our services and products.


Since 2008, we are also certified in accordance with ISO 21469, which specifies hygiene requirements for the development, manufacture, use and handling of food grade lubricants.